Warehouse Management Training

Warehouse Management Training 


Training Manajemen Gudang 



We provide several Warehouse Management Training topics, which last 1 day :


  • Minimum 97% Inventory accuracy of 97% in 90 days
    • Rundown  :
      • Nine root cause of warehouse problems and solutions.
      • How do you get warehouse personnel to be disciplined?
      • How do you make warehouse personnel active in managing their warehouses?
      • Fast stocktake, 1 hour for the entire contents of the warehouse.
      • How to ensure that FIFO / FEFO is 100% certain to be implemented, it does not depend on personnel discipline anymore?
      • What tools are available today and Technology Update.
      • Warehouse Management System Software – detail.
      • Discussion of the 60 day Work Plan.
    • This Warehouse Management Training provides a 90-day Work Plan, which can be applied immediately after the training is over.


  • All about Stocktake
    • Rundown :
      • The main purpose of stocktake. Many Companies do not know it.
      • Problems with stocktake.
      • Tolerance and accuracy measurement: How to set tolerances and measure accuracy?
      • Stocktake methods.
      • Suggested stocktake method for your company.
      • Tools for stocktake: manual system or software system.
      • Maintain the accuracy of the data from the stocktake.


  • Warehouse Management Software
    • Rundown :
      • ERP / Software that is already owned cannot help much in solving problems in the warehouse.
      • What is WMS Software? What's the difference with Inventory Software, why is it needed?
      • The main features and types of WMS software.
      • Preview some of the WMS Software brands.
      • Warehouse operations with the WMS.
      • Integration into existing ERP / Software.
      • Related tools : barcode, RFID, Voice, LTP, dll.


  • Application of barcodes in warehouse and production